Growing in Bulk

Ever wonder how growers produce so many plants? We’ll it’s a lot of time and seeds. Growers will germinate 1000s or more seed every year, grow it, and sell it all by the end of the following year. Commercial Nurseries like Monrovia buy these seedlings in bulk, grow them, and sell them at your local Home Depot or Garden Center. It’s a perpetual cycle that survives off the constant supply of seeds and seedlings. Amazing isn’t?Many Backyard Growers follow the same business model but on a smaller scale. Some open Ebay Stores, but most share their crop with family and friends. Everyone love free plants.

Growing from seed has many advantages, but most important of all is the valuable lesson of how to grow your favorite plant. Anyone who grows from seed won’t deny the valuable lessons they’ve learned from growing from seed.

Below are some more examples of Community Pots we’ve done with Dioon Seed.