What is a Cycad?

The Sago Palm Tree is neither a Palm or a Tree, but a Cycad. It’s a conifer that dates back to the prehistoric days. Cycads reproduce via Cone and more closely related to a Pine Tree versus a Palm. So a better explanation would be to call the Sago Palm a Tropical Pine Tree. What? OK, Let’s try that again.

Cycads are a small group of plants that grow around the tropical belt of the world. Cycads may look like Palm Trees, but reproduce via a cone structure. They’re closely related to Pine Trees that reproduce via Pine Cones. Except Cycads are tropical. Most love the weather we have here in Southern California.

Typically every Country around the world has at least one Cycad native to their Country. The United States has Zamia integrifolia aka Zamia floridana native to Florida, Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Mexico is the home of many different Zamias and Dioons. The Sago Palm aka Cycas revoluta is native to Japan. My favorite Genus of Cycads are from Africa known as Encephalartos.

I will be sharing photos, descriptions, and hyperlinks where to buy these beautiful plants. Please check back often for updates. I will be posting new photos, inventory, and information about the care and maintenance of these beautiful plants.